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Education Minister Comments on GOB’s Budget

Supporting the DPM’s statements was Freetown’s Area Representative, Francis Fonseca. Fonseca was making his presentation when Opposition Leader Moses Barrow rose to make a point of order. Tensions rose and Speaker of the House got offended when Barrow pointed at her. Here is that exchange.
Hon. Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “The point I’m making, Hon. Member for your benefit, is that you really should get a, at least a 101 class in, hahaha, yes. In just reading the budget book. It’s very important. You’re talking about the budget. It’s important for you to understand what is stated in the budget book and what it means, sir, and the budget, the capital budget for education was increased by 13 million. You don’t understand that’s the very point I’m making. You’re looking at recurrent expenditure but you haven’t even bothered to look at capital expenditure. There is Recurrent Expenditure. There’s Capital 2. There’s Capital 3 expenditure. If you look at the whole picture, you will see that we are adequately funding every sector of the economy. The capital budget was increased by $13 million, sir. Understand what it is. So, you really need to learn a little more about the budget book if you’re going to talk about the budget, that’s the point.”

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “This is not a Minister’s Statement, Madam Speaker. I think the minister has done a thorough analysis and presentation. I see even some of his members over there are falling asleep, Madam Speaker. Please?”

Speaker of the House: “Point taken Member. Point taken. Member for Freetown can we just please tie it into the budget? Remember that rule, I’ve asked the member for Freetown to continue with his presentation just to ensure it is  tied into the budget that’s being debated.” 

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: Yeah so, that’s an important area Madam Speaker. I don’t think the Member for Mesopotamia even understands what Curriculum Reform is. If you listen a little and got off your phone, if you got off your phone, it’s definitely not “Barrow Economics.” If you got off your phone and stop texting delegates. Stop texting delegates.”

Speaker of the House: “Member for Freetown. One second, one second. Member for Mesopotamia, that will not be tolerated. No you should not point at me. Member. Member you should.”

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition:  Allow me to do that. *Inaudible* You keep allowing persons to do that. I have never personally attacked *inaudible*

Speaker of the House:  Member, I have listened to the Member from Freetown. 

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education:  Calm? Are you calm? Sorry. Sorry Madam. 

Speaker of the House:  Member for Freetown, may you have a seat?

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition:   *inaudible*

Speaker of the House: : And you have to keep quiet!