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Education Minister expresses remorse about Murder of two UB students

Dwayne Cummings and Masaki Yanaai are two University of Belize Students whose lives were ripped from the educational community which calls them family. Words cannot explain how the families cope with the loss of the promising future which both youths held.  They were not involved in crime or wasted time but when we spoke to the Education Minister Patrick Faber today, he said that he mourns along with UB and the rest of the nation.

Jose Sanchez: “The situation we are facing in crime where we recently had two universities students: young Masaki Yaanai and Mr. Cummings as well. We always say sports is a way to get people out of crime and yet we still have this happening. As the Deputy Prime Minister and as the Minister of Education what are you thoughts?”

Honorable Patrick Faber: “Yes in fact it did grieve me, the Sport Council which is under my auspices as well did issue a statement on our behalf to say how very disappointed we were in fact of the death particularly of Mr. Cummings but you are right. Every testimony that I have heard about Masaki has been a great one, that in fact he was very productive young man. When we see crime like this happening against our young people we have to be very concerned and I do send my sympathies to both families. Mr. Cummings in fact I know the family very well. They are supporters of our United Democratic Party and so for me color plays no role in this instance whether they were or not it is important for us take note that this in fact does hamper our progress and we certainly wish the families well under these very difficult circumstances and hope that young people can view these things as something negative, something not to be followed and band together to try to ensure that these kinds of incidents don’t ever happen.”
The police department is examining surveillance footage near the Yanaai residence. His father survived the attack. The University of Belize also expressed remorse for the loss of two promising students.