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Education Minister of State Says SP Teacher Was Out of Line

The Ministry of Education has launched an investigation into an incident where a high school teacher was caught being disrespectful to her students during an online session. The incident that was caught on video went viral on Facebook earlier in the week and has stirred up much controversy. The teacher identified as Shakira Coleman from San Pedro High School has been under immense scrutiny for referring to the students as ‘idiots’ and ‘stupid’. Education Minister of State, Dr. Louis Zabaneh spoke on the incident, saying the comments were completely unacceptable.

Dr.Louis Zabaneh, Minister of State, Education: “It’s quite an unfortunate incident that occurred. Clearly we know that many persons are under stress, teachers, students, parents a lot of it brought on by COVID and of course the difficulties in our economy however there’s a certain basic standard protocol way of dealing with children by teachers. So we put out a press release from the ministry expressing our position on the matter and we hope that we can all work together so we don’t have to have these kinds of scenarios again going forward. We were certainly disappointed with what we heard but we want to see that we look at these issues in a holistic way because we know that many people are being affected but even under these circumstances our teachers need to lead in the classroom and they need to be able to take responsibility as the adults in the room and make sure that if they want to instill discipline there’s a way to do that. We have to watch our words, how we speak to our students because our students they are what it’s all about. Students are center of our attention, we need to show all the care and love that we can while we instill discipline where it’s necessary.”

The administration of San Pedro High School had also issued a statement on the incident and said that the matter is being investigated.