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Education Minister says Ministry not involved in situation at Faith Nazarene

This morning Minister of Education, Patrick Faber spoke on the issue of the Faith Nazarene Primary School in San Ignacio and says that the situation is in management hands and not at a level for the Ministry of Education to intervene as yet, however they are still involved in meetings that are taking place.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education

“The managing authority of the school is first responsible to try to solve the issue. In this case it is the Nazarene Primary School Management and so as I understand it they are the ones who are taking this on. Now the Ministry is involved, in fact our education officers and the district manager Mr. Carballo and I’ve seen other education officers from the Cayo District center be involved and they have been involved in the discussions but at this point, it is not at the point where the ministry will necessarily go in and take a hold of the situation. We give the management a chance to work it out and in fact, indeed if there are to be disciplinary measures, it is the commission who I stress at this point is not controlled by the Ministry of Education but by various different stakeholder bodies. The Ministry is one of the stakeholders on the commission but there can be no domination on the part of the ministry on the Teaching Services Commission. I also make this point to other communities, other parents from other schools who may have similar but at a lesser level, the kind of disturbance or the kind of issue that school has in Cayo, that we need to be very careful that it is not ruled by the mob. We cannot just because we are not happy with something or some things that a principal or teacher for that matter, anybody who is engaged with education at the school level, just simply because we are not pleased, we go in there to remove people by mob. There is due process and the system is set up for that to occur and I ask people to be patient.”