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Education Minister Says SJC’s Upgrades Will Open More Doors for Students

The offerings of a Bachelors and Master’s degree at Saint John’s Junior College is a major advancement in education in Belize. What it adds to, however, is the school’s international accreditation. As it stands today, SJCJC is connected to more than two dozen Jesuit institutions abroad. Education Minister, Francis Fonseca says that students can anticipate more doors opening with this move.

Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “I think what it represents is more opportunities for high quality Jesuit education in Belize at the highest levels. This is a process that started some six to eight months ago so it was carefully analyzed, carefully reviewed, carefully deliberations but at the end of the day the Ministry of Education was satisfied that this would add a very positive component to higher education in Belize. We had many many and I had many discussions with the Jesuit community, Jesuit superiors both here in Belize and outside of Belize who came in to demonstrate their commitment to this project and this effort so I’m absolutely satisfied that this will add a valuable component to our higher education structure in Belize and provide additional opportunities for Belizean students to get high quality Jesuit education.”

SJC, who also adjusted its logo slightly after many years, will be the newest institution to offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as part of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. This group of 28 institutions include Loyola University in Chicago, Boston University, Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Fordham University in New York and Gonzaga University in Spokane (spoe-kan)./// //