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Education Minister Speaks of UB’s Presidency

February 15, 2017 saw the installation of the 7th President for the University of Belize since its establishment in August 2000.  In a previous report we did note that Guyanese national, Professor Clement Sankat has taken over the position, succeeding Alan Slusher who was dubbed the interim President in April 2014.  Education Minister, Patrick Faber spoke of Professor Sankat and his appointment as President.


The first President of the University of Belize was Angel Cal followed by Dr Corinth Morter Lewis who served until 2007.  Santos Mahung took over the reins from 2007 up to 2010.  He was succeeded by Dr Morter Lewis who served as interim President for one year until Cary Fraser took over up until November 2013.  Wilma Wright then served as Acting President for about five months which was when Alan Slusher took over in April 2014 as Interim President.  The University of Belize is the product of an amalgamation of five tertiary establishments, namely the Bliss School of Nursing, Belize Technical College, Belize Teachers’ College, University College of Belize and the Belize School of Agriculture.