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Education Minister speaks on Catholic teachers’ complaint

Reports reaching our newsroom are that the Catholic Management in the Stann Creek District has begun doing a tour to inspect the teachers who are not complying with uniform regulations. We are told that if a teacher is found to be a delinquent in that aspect, he or she will be sent home. Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, commented on that matter.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education

“Schools have their policies and we are not going to be interfere with that unless we believe that the managements are being really, really unfair but I see nothing wrong with them putting in a dress code for teachers.  In fact, I believe that a very important aspect of teachers being able to deliver professionally is what they wear and having a uniform is no crime it is something that we’ve done for many years in Belize at schools both at the student level and teacher level and I support the Catholic Management if that is what they are doing.”