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Education Minister Speaks about Wesley Student Situation

A high school student of Wesley has been out of class since a video of her engaging in sexual activity in her school uniform was dispersed on social media. According to attorney Audrey Matura, the teen’s family has asked her to have time to deal with the trauma. This Friday Matura has received a permit to hold a rally in support of the teen in front of Wesley College at Midday. However, we also had an opportunity to speak to the Minister of Education as well as the Attorney General about the situation and if charges are possible against the male who was with her in the video that was taken when she was below the age of consent.

Honorable Patrick Faber: “My personal position is that indeed she may need to take some time out of school. I don’t necessarily agree that it should be called a suspension and it should be but you know when that happens I am sure there is some psychological effect on the child and so she does need to withdraw and get some support from family members and from probably a counselor that can walk her through the very difficult time. It is an uncomfortable situation I am sure going back the classroom with her friends and everybody else who is of course some who are very mean so we want to ensure that she is able to face all of that and deal with all of that. I believe it is a young person, even adults I am sure it would be a tough time for so I support some kind of withdrawing from the regular school setting but a lot of support for her because she certainly does not need to be a victim twice.

Jose Sanchez: “ Attorney Audrey Matura is organizing a rally in support on Friday in front of the school on midday. Is this something you agree with?”

Honorable Patrick Faber: “I cannot quarrel with anything like that. She does need the support. I really think that those who are engaged in this kind of business of exchanging nudes and all of that and embarrassing people. It is mean spirited and it is not something that I would condone and certainly I don’t condone it when it comes to our children in school and that is just something that we want to ask people not to do together.”

Attorney General: “Carnal Knowledge is not defined to include that type of sexual activity but indeed it is some serious aggravated assault from a person who is below the age of 16 to be engaged in that activity. Now we always talk to these victims but we also have to be very careful. Some of these victims would like to put the incident behind them. They don’t want to cooperate, they don’t want to testify. There is a very thin line about aggressively pursuing a prosecution and putting further pressure on a minor who may already may be feeling too much pressure in her life but there is not statutory limit on felony so if we determine that a felony was committed then we can always when that victim is ready we can prepare to testify and give evidence to have her come forward and produce the name of the person who was in the video with her.”

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