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Education Ministry Works Towards Almalgamation in the North and School Fees Reduction

With another school year wrapping up the summer time is usually when officials use that break to effect changes in the school system.  Some months ago in an interview with Education Minister, Patrick Faber he spoke to us on the amalgamation of specific schools in northern Belize.  Today, we asked him for a progress update on that plan and we also asked him if the three hundred dollar subsidy for secondary schools will continue in the coming academic year.


“There was one area I think in the San Antonio area of Corozal where there is consultation going on for amalgamation. As far as I know that is the only area that we are trying to work something out for the new school year coming up and I have not been briefed on those consultations as yet. I know that there was healthy discussion with the community, with parents even at the consultation meetings and so it is to decide now whether or not that is going to pull through. I know that is the only area where we have actively pursued amalgamation for the next school year. Three hundred dollar subsidy is still very much a reality. It is automatic in Stann Creek and Toledo still and in the other areas, the mean survey administered by the Ministry of Human Development and our ministry is what determines, in fact I know the results are already being distributed for those applicants for the subsidy. In terms of tuition and getting tuition down at the secondary level that discussion I think will be resumed shortly. We are hoping to be able to reduce tuition; well it’s not tuition anymore because as you know the government pays tuition; the fees that are associated with secondary education.”

Minister Faber says they are a lot of other things happening in the education sector especially this month during the Education Showcase.


“There are positive things happening. I invite people to be a part of all the activities of Education Showcase this entire month of May. On Friday we celebrate the teachers, tomorrow we have the Teachers’ Award Ceremony that is going to be at the Bliss. We invite everyone to come out and celebrate the excellent accomplishments of our teachers and even those teachers who are not going to receive awards tomorrow and are unsung heroes and who continue to do a wonderful job in the classroom. We invite everybody leading up to Teachers Day to thank their teachers.”