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Efforts for Peace Among Gangs Continue

The new Commander of Eastern Division South, Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, has been meeting with gang leaders with an aim of creating peace among the criminal elements. We are told that he has been accompanied by Dianne Finnegan who runs the Youth Apprenticeship Program and Douglas Hyde, the Public Relations Coordinator for the Belize Police Department. Today Williams confirmed to Love News that another meeting occurred yesterday evening with key gang figures of the George Street area. The purpose of the meeting was to quell the internal rivalry that has been going on between gang units. Present at the meeting were relatives of Denfield Bowen, a murder victim that resulted from the ongoing internal gang warfare with George Street Gang.  According to Williams, the response from the personalities present at the meeting was satisfactory but our sources are saying that the key personalities do not want “peace” and more violence should be expected. We note that a general of the Gang, Brian “Papa” Brown was absent from the meeting. This was confirmed to Love News by Williams who said that Brown is out of the country receiving medical attention. Williams explained that as soon as the Brown is back in the country, he will talk to him as well. We know that Williams and his team has had meetings with personalities of the Ghost Town Crips Gang and results of that seemed to be positive. He shared that they will also hold meeting with other groups including the group in the Jane Usher Boulevard. Williams refused to give an on camera interview but when Facebook asked him, what was on his mind today, he responded with a lengthy post about his thoughts on his efforts. He shared quote, “It is sad to see how we are spending so much extra effort working with young people and those living the gang life to change their way of life and stop the violence and the same effort we are putting in trying to help them some people are putting in to aggravate these people to keep living the violent life style”, end of quote.