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Eight individuals charged following GSU bust

An operation yesterday by the Gang Suppression Unit resulted in eight people being arrested and charged for drug offences. Yesterday evening the GSU showed up at the home of Elsworth Morter on Lavender Street in Belize City. They were there to search the premises for controlled drugs and they found more than six thousand grams of marijuana. Present at the time of the search were Jose Zelaya, Joseph Lopez, Tyron Macfoy, Shenique Perez, Keara Hemsley, Eugene Macfoy, Vivian Fuller as well as two minors.  GSU officers did body searches on all persons present. Officers found a bag containing forty two grams of cannabis on Morter. They also found forty nine grams of cannabis hidden behind the television. GSU officers then found a huge stash of marijuana hidden inside two brown cardboard barrels. Fifty four plastic bags of cannabis were found and it amounted to thirteen point five kilograms or more than six thousand grams. Morter was charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs and charged once more with the others for possession of controlled drugs with the intent to supply to another.