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📣 THIRD COVID CASE CONFIRMED .                      📣 March 29, 2020: – The Ministry of Health has confirmed the third case of COVID-19 in Belize.                      📣 PRESS RELEASE: – Amendment to Quarantine Order, Belmopan. March 29, 2020. 3:32 p.m.                      📣 The Government of Belize has enacted the Quarantine Order for the entire country of Belize.                      📣 POLICE UPDATE: -Police Commissioner informed the media this morning that over the past 24 hours police have arrested 9 persons for refusing to practice social distancing.                      📣 ARTHUR SALDIVAR DETAINED; – Love News has confirmed that Belmopan police have detained Attorney Arthur Saldivar. We understand that it has to do with a post he made on his Facebook page.
  • Three Guatemalans arrested for public drinking
    Three Guatemalans arrested for public drinking

    Three Guatemalan men were arrested and charged after they were engaged in public drinking as well as not respecting social distancing measures enforced by the police. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, stated that this incident occurred around 8pm Saturday in Red Bank Village, Stann Creek District.

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Elderly American couple attacked inside their home; woman stabbed multiple times and dies

Police categorizes it as an aggravated burglary but despite the classification, the ending remains tragic as an American woman is dead and her husband is hospitalized after their home was invaded last night in the Corozal District.  A news team followed the story; here is Dalila Ical with a report.

Dalila Ical: “The Oasis is a very small community comprised mostly if not solely of American and Canadian Expats. It is located just over a mile out of Corozal Town along the Consejo Road. There are less than 10 homes there and has been a peaceful quiet community until last night when an elderly couple was stabbed by a thief who broke into their home.

ACP Joseph Mvyett: “ Elizabeth Rosseau, she is 74 years old while her husband Gary Hayek is 84 years old. According to Mr. Hakes sometime between 7:45 and 8 pm whilst they were in their living room his wife entered the room where she was attacked by a male person. As a result of hearing the commotion he then proceeded to the bedroom where he met a male person who inflicted stab wounds to him. He also realized that his wife was stabbed. In the process a purse containing personal effects was stolen.”

Dalila Ical: “Both arrived at the Corozal Community Hospital around 9pm. 10 minutes later Elizabeth Rosseau was transferred to the Northern Regional Hospital but died along the way.”

ACP Joseph Mvett: “The power outside was cut before the intruder entered the building. What alerted neighbors was the commotion however when the neighbor got over there the incident had already occured.”

Jose Sanchez: “Was the suspect wearing a mask? Was the neighbor the only one able to see them or provide any leads?”

ACP Joseph Mvett: “No the neighbor did not see anyone and as I had mentioned the power was cut so the house was in darkness.”

Jose Sanchez: “Are they known to have had many valuables inside the home? It seems a very heinous crime for just a few dollars.”

ACP Joseph Mvett: “At this point in time we do not know but we are trying to ascertain that.”

Dalila Ical: “Hayek did not sustain serious injuries and has been released from the Hospital. The incident has shaken the entire community, most of whom refrain from commenting. A few who spoke with us off camera said the couple was fairly new having moved in for only about a year now.”

Community Neighbor: “Everybody is really friendly right and we look out for each other and so on but a very positive community. When we heard it was like Wow. We did not expect that here. It will affect you, any normal person it will affect you if it happened so close but that doesn’t turn me against Belize or whatever because I love Belize.”

Dalila Ical: “Oasis is located in Corozal North and the incident has concerned area representative Hugo Patt.”

Hugo Patt: “It is a very shocking situation particularly in this area of Corozal. We would know that Consejo and that stretch or road is known as a haven for Expats so we have American Expats and Canadian Expats and we at the end of the day know that they are seeking a peaceful and a quiet place to rest and to have a nice time. When things like this happen Dalila it is really shocking. It is something that we strongly condemn. There are no words to describe the atrocity that happened and certainly we make an appeal to the authorities and anybody who can provide any kind of information that would lead to the culprits because justice needs to be brought to these people. It cannot be that having your space in you own home somebody would come and invade and worse yet eventually take the life of someone and considering that these are two elderly people this is something that can’t be forgiven. The way that it was described by Police everything indicates that there was a struggle. It was something that ended up violent and I can just imagine the mayhem that happened and the after effects that particularly the husband now is going through. I think it is a trauma that I don’t think anybody can bear.”

ACP Joseph Myvett: “From an investigative standpoint it had to be someone who had either had some knowledge of the area to know where the switch was so we are looking in several angles with respect to that and as we speak the officers are still out there canvassing the area. I have also deployed an additional team from Major Crimes Unit from Belmopan to assist in the investigation.”

Dalila Ical Love News.

Police are yet to detain anyone in this incident

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