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Elderly Ladyville Man Shot and Killed inside his Yard

Tonight, investigations continue into the callous murder of an elderly taxi man of rural Belize. The incident is believed to be another act of senseless gun violence that has the victim’s family scratching their heads and asking why. Reporter Vejea Alvarez was at the crime scene last night and this morning and filed the following report.

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: What could possibly be the motive for the killing of 69-year-old Leo Skeen ? That is the question that sits unanswered as investigators continue to probe into the circumstances of Tuesday evening’s homicide. It was just after four o’clock in the evening. Skeen and his wife Irma were at home in their yard. Leo Skeen had his back to the street as he worked on his wife’s vehicle. Little did he know that his demise was near and a killer as lurking with him as the target. His wife Irma watched it all unfold.

Irma Skeen, Wife: “What happened yesterday was very tragic. I have seen people cry on Facebook and people speak out on Facebook but when something like this hits home it hurts and for me my husband was a very loving person. Very church going and very into his daily mass and his rosary. That’s why when this thing happened sitting right over there on that chair fixing my car, my brakes, this person just came by the edge of the fence and fired shot. For what ? I want if anybody out there knows or saw anything please let the police know because I want to know why, why would you shoot somebody who had never done anybody anything.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Surveillance footages in the area and investigators are reviewing them. The problem is that motive most times is not caught on camera and much of the investigation is dependent on witnesses. 

Irma Skeen, Wife: “This hurts so much. When this thing happened in front of you and you see your husband fall and that person just take away so I’m asking you all please anybody know anything say something and I’m asking you Mr.Gunman well I really really want your help out there please because my husband did not deserve this at all and the police came here quickly and I was very very happy and they assisted a lot. So you know anybody out there I’m asking please if you see something, heard something. This was a young person who did this. I mean come on Belizean people wake up. I want to know if somebody paid him or what is going on. So please I’m asking, help. You know I sound hoarse because I’m crying and it hurts. It hurts when it touches home base.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: No one has been charged up to news time tonight but best information to Love News is that the suspected shooter is from Belize City.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “I can tell you that our investigators have detained someone of interest. We believe that this person could shed some light on this investigation and hopefully we would be able to levy charges.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Leo Skeen was a well known taxi driver stationed at the Philip Goldson International Airport. Many of his peers have been paying condolences at the family’s home where they described him as a humble and God fearing individual. His wife says that what she will miss most is the karaoke time that they shared.

Irma Skeen, Wife:We as a family we go to church, we pray in the house, we talk. Every family has ups and downs but my husband his family was first so he would make sure that on spare time if we don’t play dominoes we are singing karaoke. My husband loved singing karaoke, loved his country western, loved his country and love to watch country western and loved his sports and that’s what he has been doing these past few days; listening to music and watching his tv for us to come out and try to fix the car. You’re not even safe in your own yard.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News:  Leo Skeen leaves behind four children and a host of grandchildren.