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Elderly Man Dies in Road Incident in Northern Belize

An elderly man lost his life in a traffic incident on the Yo Creek Road in the Orange Walk District late Tuesday afternoon. Police report that 59-year-old Miguel Solis of August Pine Ridge was driving towards home when he lost control of his jeep Cherokee and overturned several times in the vicinity of mile four on the Yo Creek Road, near the Cuello Distillery. Solis was reportedly found trapped inside his vehicle apparently dead and fire officials had to pry the smashed vehicle open to get him out. He reportedly sustained fatal head and body injuries. Traveling with Solis at the time was 46-year old Gildardo Balam who was rushed to the Northern regional Hospital suffering head and body injuries and is now in a stable condition. Police are still investigating what caused Solis to lose control of the vehicle and are waiting for Balam to recover sufficiently to make a statement on the accident.