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Elderly man missing

64-year-old, Alberto Adrian Moro, a resident of Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District, is missing. Rosauro Moro, his sister, said that his common-law-wife informed her that Alberto did not make it home last Wednesday night.

Rosauro Moro – Sister of Alberto Moro: “She came here and then told us how my brother did not come home to sleep and that is why she was worried because every time around ten or nine he would have already came up to his house but that night he did not reach. She said that she waited until twelve o’clock and nothing, she thought maybe he was around there because we always see him by the market because we live close to the market. We always see him there so she said she thought the same thing. She thinks maybe he was with his friend but then morning came and the guys that he would hang out with say that Wednesday was the last day that they saw him. Everybody told us the same thing and that is true because Wednesday was the last day at 2:30 when we saw him right there at the hardware store.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Describe your brother to us? What was he last wearing?”

Rosauro Moro – Sister of Alberto Moro: “A blue shirt with a stripe on his chest. The shirt is blue and it has a white stripe. He is about five-six, has curly hair, dark.”

Moro says they reported the matter to the police last Thursday.  Adrian Moro is the father of six children. Anyone knowing where he is, is asked to notify the family or the police.