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Elderly Man Survives Highway Accident

A man was knocked down this morning around nine twenty on the Phillip Goldson Highway in Ladyville. The accident occurred between miles six and seven. Sixty two year old Loyden Foreman of Buttonwood Bay was riding his bicycle on the highway when he was hit by a vehicle. It appears that a white truck driven at the time by fifty two year old Nelson Hemsely hit Foreman off his bicycle causing him to be flung to the side of the road and causing injuries to his head and neck. Hemsely told police that he noticed the man on the bike travelling behind a vehicle that stopped abruptly and in an effort to avoid hitting him, he swerved and ended up hitting the rear end of his bike. Paramedics came on scene and took Foreman to the hospital where he was treated and released. Hemsely was served with a Notice of intended prosecution.