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Elderly Woman Gets New Home in Dangriga

Hand in Hand Ministries and Scotia Bank handed over a new home to a family in Dangriga. Correspondent Harry Arzu has the story.


“Hand in Hand Ministries continues to collaborate with its partners in providing housing for the citizens of Belize. In an official handing over ceremony held in Dangriga they handed the keys to a brand new wooden house to 75-year-old, Josephine Ramirez of Sabal Community. The house which measures 16×20 was a collaborative effort between Hand in Hand Ministries and Scotia Bank. Love News spoke with the Public Relations officer for the said bank, Stanley Bracket.”


“It’s a needy house that we have been partnering with Hand in Hand Ministries. It’s a privilege for us to be doing this kind of work for the community and we really appreciate what Hand in Hands is doing and it’s something that is very good. We basically do some of the physical work and financing the project.”


“The house which is located at the corner of Isla and Daniel Streets here in Dangriga was built in the yard of the recipient. She also spoke with us on her new gift which came at an opportune time as we are about to celebrate mother’s day. Bernard Panton who is the director of Building for Change spoke with Love News about the collaborative effort the process of getting a house.”


“The main qualification is that you have to have your own land or you have to get permission from someone who has land. You also have to be making less than $1200 for the month and it mainly looks at people who are homeless or are in overcrowded situations. Apart from that we partner with these people, we don’t charge them any money so they have to help us to build their own house and also build houses of other people who have also applied and they also have to attend some sessions that we have that helps to empower people. We are a faith based organization and the work that we do is looked at by other people and they like the work and so they are the ones that look at our programs and decide they want to give back to our programs. We are a nonprofit organization so if we don’t have people coming in we can’t build a house so this continues because the program is good and people like it and so we partner with people from abroad and we also have local partners.”


“Hand in Hand Ministries started its work here in Belize in 2002 and observed from their assessments that housing was one of the greatest need.”