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Elderly woman knocked down; driver flees the scene

An elderly woman is hospitalized with severe injuries after she was hit by a vehicle in Camalote Village, Cayo District. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Fem Cruz Correspondent: A hit and run traffic incident last night just after 7 o’clock almost in front of the Good Start Preschool in Camelotte Village left 58 year old Carole Elizabeth Oreano with severe injuries to her head and body. Love News understand that Oreano was on her way home from visiting family members in the village when she was hit from behind by a unknown vehicle. Chelly Matutte one of the family members spoke to Love News about last night visit.

Chelly Mattute: Yes my cousin was here yesterday come look for my mom because of his auntie and when she was going home somebody hit her and we get to understand that it was a white car. We didn’t even know what was happening out there until somebody called us and told us she got hit. When we rushed out there she was on her face and I am appealing, we the family is appealing to drivers to please take caution driving through the village, especially with our kids going to school and to the driver that hit my cousin, come on mein, give yourself into the Police at least. I know you have a mom or a sister or an aunt and you wouldn’t want nobody knock her down and leave her there. We are also asking you to have a heart, we are praying and we are asking everybody to please pray for her for a speed recovery.”

Fem Cruz: “What is her health condition?

Chelly Mattute: Right now she is in the Belize City hospital under observations. She has a fractured rib and her kidney is swollen, she was bleeding through her ears last night and we are just asking everybody to just give a prayer and one more thing I want to say is that last night she couldn’t even get a Cat scan because the place was closed and they say that because it’s a holiday she couldn’t get the Ct Scan.

This is brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent reporting for Love FM.”