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Election date still unknown, Prime Minister says soon

There has been a lot of talk as to when Prime Minister Dean Barrow will call the general elections. Rumors had it that it would be called in November. Today, Barrow put all the rumors to rest and shared his plans as to when he will call general elections.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“I will go as far as saying this, and I don’t think I’m giving away anything, elections will be no later than the first part of next year. The PUPs on the last occasion had said they think that the term should be a four year term. Quite frankly I agree with them and if we win again I would want to see that changed. Now remember that if we do win again that is the last hoorah for me, whoever is coming next or has aspirations of coming next might not agree with me but my personal position is that we ought to go back to a four year term and I am thinking in terms of the next general elections of somewhere close to the four year marker which would mean then that we are looking at not beyond February/March of next year.”

Prime Minister has the option of calling General Elections at any time merely by giving 30 days notice.