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Election time nearing and parties are strategically taking actions

Election season is about one year away.  The fast approaching national show of democracy is now forcing politicians to make strategic moves in an effort to secure, as much as they can, a seat inside the House of Representatives.  One move made over the weekend was the abrupt resignation of UDP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North, Homero Novelo.  The word on the street is that this move may have something to do with the resurgence of Gaspar Vega.  Opposition Leader, John Briceno, is cemented in the north and has more intel on the underground political movements.  We asked him to comment on Novelo’s resignation
Hon. John Briceno, Opposition Leader: “That is no surprise to us, we’ve been hearing this for months and we know that Homero Novelo and Gaspar Vega did not get along, they do not see eye to eye and it seems that Gaspar Vega is still trying to control the levers of power in that division and that there is a gentleman that he was thinking of naming as the standard bearer for that division, a gentleman from Douglas I’d rather not say any names. But now we’re hearing that Gaspar Vega is considering throwing his hat in the ring to run for the next election but I would be happy if Gaspar Vega would decide to run because I have every confidence that Ramon Cervantes is going to beat anybody including Gaspar Vega should he make the mistake or running in Orange Walk North.”