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Elections 2015: 19 Seats for UDP and 11 Seats for PUP

Up to news time this evening, the results for the Stann Creek West constituency are yet to be officially announced by the Elections and Boundaries Department.  That is a division that has representation for the PUP via Rodwell Ferguson while the UDP has Walter Garbutt.   But notwithstanding that area, there are thirty other divisions to report on this evening.  There are sixteen seats that the UDP has retained, namely, Pickstock with Wilfred Sedi Elrington; Albert with newcomer, Tracy Panton; Queen Square with Dean Barrow; Mesopotamia with Michael Finnegan; Collet with Patrick Faber; Port Loyola with Anthony Boots Martinez; Belize Rural North with Edmond Clear the Land Castro; Belize Rural South with Manuel Heredia; Corozal Bay with Pablo Marin; Corozal North with Hugo Patt; Orange Walk North with Gaspar Vega; Cayo North with Omar Figueroa; Cayo Central with Rene Montero; Cayo West with Erwin Contreras; Belmopan with John Saldivar and Dangriga with Frank ‘Pawpa’ Mena.  In addition to holding on to those sixteen seats, the UDP gained ground in three areas which previously had representation by the People’s United Party. Those three areas are Belize Rural Central where Beverly Castillo unseated Dolores Balderamos Garcia; there is also the Orange Walk East seat which was won by UDP’s Elodio Aragon and then there is the area of Corozal Southwest which was previously held by Ramiro Ramirez of the PUP and now taken over by the UDP’s Dr Angel Campos.  Of the eleven seats that the People’s United Party won, there were three areas where they gained ground and that was in the Caribbean Shores area where Kareem Musa regained control of that seat for the PUP taking over from Santino Castillo; there is also the Cayo Northeast area where Orlando Habet won over John August and the Lake Independence area where Cordel Hyde unseated Mark King by a historical margin of victory.  Other than those three seats, the PUP also won the Freetown, Fort George, Corozal Southeast, Orange Walk Central, Orange Walk South, Cayo South, Toledo West and Toledo East divisions.  In the country of Belize, there are one hundred and ninety six thousand five hundred and eighty seven registered voters; of that amount, one hundred and forty thousand one hundred and five persons came out to vote; that translates into a seventy one percent voter turnout for the 2015 General Elections.  PUP Rally