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Elections Commission Rejects BPM’s Draft for Redistricting

The Belize Peace Movement (BPM) and the Elections and Boundaries Commission are at impasse tonight after the Supreme Court ordered that the two parties meet to come to an amicable solution regarding the redistricting of electoral divisions. The BPM issued a release saying that they had presented a draft Consent Order where the Elections and Boundaries would acknowledge that the Electoral Divisions in Belize do not have as nearly as may be an equal number of persons eligible to vote, as required by the Belize Constitution; that they undertake its duty to lay before the National Assembly, by July of 2022 a proposal to re-division Belize as mandated by the Belize Constitution; that the commission desist from conducting General Elections unless and until the divisions of Belize are made compliant with the Belize Constitution. The draft was reportedly rejected by the commission with no counter-offer submitted. As a result, the BPM is asking the court to make a formal judgement on the matter. Our newsroom spoke to the BPM’s President, Hubert Enriquez who says that there is still a silver lining despite the commission’s rejection.

Speaking on the importance of the redistricting exercise is the BPM’s Treasurer, Paul Morgan.

The Belize Peace Movement says that it will pursue this matter until the requirements of the Belize Constitution are met so that all votes cast in Belize are of equal value.