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Electrical fire cancels classes at Nazarene High School

Students of Nazarene High School are out of classes today after a fire inside the administration building occurred yesterday.  Love News spoke with Kenneth Mortis of the Fire Department who was on the scene this morning conducting an investigation.

Kenneth Mortis, Station Manager: “We got a call of a situation over at the Nazarene Highschool. I believe we were told that it was an electrical fire so when we got there we didn’t initially see any fire but when we made entrance into the building which is known as the administration part of the building we observed the remains of a burnt water cooler that had somehow ignited and then eventually extinguished itself. This particular unit was a faulty one, there is no sign of electrical wear and tear within the wiring itself that came from the outlet to the unit. In the process the cooler itself was totally destroyed by fire. The balance of the room was heavily covered with soot and smoke remains that stained the walls and floor and furniture in the said room.”

Classes will resume tomorrow.