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Electrician Succumbs in Road Traffic Incident

A road traffic accident sometime around seven o’clock last night has left one man dead and three other persons injured. The incident occurred on the Savannah Road on the Southern Highway, between miles 39 and 40.  Independence Police reports that upon arrival at the scene, they saw a horse and carriage on the right hand side of the road and a James Bus. Police say the James Bus had collided into a lamp post and was facing towards Independence Village while a maroon Wingle pickup was in the middle of the road facing north to south.  Initial investigation revealed that the horse and carriage driven by 20- year-old Cornelius Wall, a Belizean Farmer of Red Bank Village was traveling from Independence Village towards Red Bank Village and upon reaching near Southern Joy Auto Parts, the Wingle which was driven by 48- year-old Jose Majano an Electrician of Independence Village tried to overtake the cart  but instead hit the back left wheel of the cart  causing the driver to lose control  of the vehicle which collided into the James Bus driven  by 41- year-old Emil Serrano of Punta Gorda.  As a result of the collision, the bus received damages to the windshield, front bumper and front lights.  The Wingle received extensive damages to the front portion, damage to the windshield, bumper, bonnet and radiator.  The cart received damages to the back left wheel.  Jose Majano received multiple abrasions to his face, right arm and middle finger and cut wound to the right knee. He was transported to the Independence Polyclinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Meanwhile, Kevin Zuniga of Bella Vista Village who was travelling along with Majano, received a cut wound to the left side of the forehead and bruises to right side of abdomen and head injuries, he was transported to Southern Regional Hospital in a critical but stable condition. Two passengers on the bus 41-year-old Barbara Stephen Rubio and 22-year-old Jenilee Myvette were injured. They were taken to Southern Regional Hospital for treatment.