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Eli Lopez Avila and Milton Maza found guilty of double murder

Guilty!… That’s the verdict that Justice Colin Williams handed down to Eli Lopez Avila and Milton Maza who were on trial for the murder of Richard Stuart and his wife, Maria. In 2010, the Stuarts were viciously stabbed to death at their home in the West Landivar area of Belize City.  During the trial, the prosecutor called nineteen witnesses to the stand, including a DNA expert while the defense only called three witnesses including the two accused. After today’s verdict was handed down, Leeroy Banner, the Defense Attorney representing, Eli Lopez Avila spoke with the media.

Leeroy Banner Attorney representing Eli Lopez Avila: “The judge is saying that because certain items were found at his house and there is items belonging to the deceased he is saying that based on circumstantial evidence that he was one of the party that went into the house at that night and murdered the stuarts. He took the Police to his backyard where the Police found a suitcase that contained a bunch of keys and also laptops and the keys had DNA that belong to he deceased so because those items were found around at his house and it was linked to him it linked him to the house of the decease.”

Banner did not state definitively if he would be seeking an appeal on behalf of his client. It must be noted that he only has twenty-days within which to make an appeal if he decides to do so.