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Eliminating child labour

Eliminating child labour is difficult in countries where poverty and opportunity are worlds apart. And while education is the main thrust of eradicating both issues, agencies like the Clear 2 Project engages countries and assists them to reduce child Labour.  Love News spoke to Leidy Urbina, the Country Coordinator for the Clear 2 Project who says that this week’s “Training of Trainers for Labour Inspection” workshop is aimed at reducing child labour in Belize.

Leidy Urbina, Country Coordinator, Clear 12 Project: “In Belize what we are doing is looking at legislative review , increasing and strengthening monitoring and enforcement and also providing technical assistance for the development of a national action plan for child labor. So today’s event actually falls under our monitoring and enforcement component, it is a training of the trainors for labor inspection and this is a result of work done by one of our partner organizations Verite. For the past couple of months they have been working on putting together a curriculum specific to Belize on child labor inspection and so we have labor inspectors but we also have representatives from other ministries; from the Ministry of Education, we have Immigration Department, the police department, Social Security Board who can assist or strengthen the enforcement and monitoring efforts that the Ministry of Labor has the mandate to do. So we are looking at several areas, we’re looking at identification of child labor, addressing child labor, and preventing child labor cases and so the curriculum is structured in five modules which are being delivered over a period of two days and then tomorrow and Thursday what we will do is that we will have the participants then be the trainors so that they can build the capacity to go out in the community or different stakeholder groups and then impart the same training that they’ve been getting over the past two days.”

The Clear 2 Project is funded by the US Department of Labor and the project is being implemented in Belize and six other countries around the world.