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Elrington and Malik Trump Opal; Rath Retains Title

Rebecca Rath keeps her title as Miss Belize Universe say Orson Elrington and Reynaldo Malik- the co-owners of Queen of the Jewel Limited.  Through a statement, both men added that the release issued by Opal Enriquez was quote, “unauthorized and the summary dismissal of Ms. Rath was unsanctioned”. End of quote. Elrington and Malik say they were not aware of Enriquez’s statements in which  she states that she has decided to take some time to pursue her personal goal and has taken a new position. Malik and Elrington have interpreted this as Enriquez’s immediate resignation and have accepted it. They say quote, “The organization accepts her resignation and will be taking steps in the coming weeks to fill the vacant position. It is unfortunate that her resignation has also brought into controversy the title of Miss Belize 2016-2017.” End of quote. The men make it quite clear that Rath is still the reigning Ms. Belize Universe 2016-2017. They say quote, “She retains her title and will continue to perform her duties until her reign ends and the next Miss Belize 2017-2018 is crowned. It is the official position of the majority partners of Queen of the Jewel Ltd, that a Miss Belize pageant for 2017-2018 will be held. We will also be seeking to renew our Miss Universe license, however the outcome of that application is unknown but we will have alternative options for the winner of the Miss Belize 2017-2018 title.” End of quote.