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Elrington comments on Toll Bridge incident

The public outcry on the incident at the Toll Bridge in Tower Hill Orange Walk continues to dominate conversations this week, even as police have apologized to the media and other persons who were caught in the middle of the chaos. On Thursday, the media spoke with Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington who told us what his position on the matter is.

Wilfred Elrington, Foreign Affairs Minister

“I thought the police did a good job. I thought that there was no provision under the terms for the demonstration for it to be extended to the toll bridge and I could not have encouraged the blocking of the bridge I don’t think that was necessary at all so that I thought police had to act to make sure that in fact the commerce of the country and the free passage of the people in the society were not impeded.”

Reporter: And the roughing up of the media.

Wilfred Elrington, Foreign Affairs Minister

“I thought that the media was enjoying it, you were in the thick of things. So that when you look abroad you see the same thing happening you see some people in the media who are very aggressive and because they want to get the most advantageous position they tend to get in the midst of the crowd and it’s very difficult for the law enforcement officials to distinguish who is Robby Rouser and who is media. In the process things will happen but there is no animosity or ill will it is just part of the melee that takes place. It is natural and normal in my view.”