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Elrington gives his account of the situation

Yesterday, we told you that residents at a long barracks on Oleander Street in Belize City were infuriated by the injustice they claimed that was done to them. According to one of the disgruntled residents, they were promised new homes by Minister Wilfred Elrington; however, when the new houses were finally built, to their astonishment the homes were given to other persons.  Minister Elrington shared his side of the story.

Wilfred Elrington, Foreign Minister

“The resources to build the building that is there, that they need to vacate is still there, it is still slated to be built for them. When they come out we will build it for them and put it right back in there. They don’t want to cooperate but they want to make bad. The funds are there but how can you build if you don’t come out. Whether you want to put it on top of where they are or to build something new they have to move. Now how do you get them to move? And there are lots of people who want homes. I can’t allow a few people to stop the march of progress so we have built another building in front for other people and they are going to be getting in there before the Christmas is done, four families, and one of the families at the back I am putting in there as well and as soon as they get out the place we will demolish it build a nice new place and put them back there because it’s for them.”

Elrington said that he is willing to pay the rent for two months while the old structure is knocked down and a new structure is built in its place, but the occupants refuse to move.