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Elrington says – he shall not be moved

Several activist groups and outspoken Belizeans along with the People’s United Party have called for the immediate resignation of Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington. Yesterday, Elrington told us that he is not going anywhere any time soon.


Wilfred Elrington, Foreign Minister:

“I have not made that determination yet it depends on my response to the behaviour of the PUP.  It is something that they are dying for there are some people in the People’s United party who believe, I don’t know why they believe that I should not be the Foreign Minister. I don’t know if they think I’m too black to be the Foreign Minister or whatever it is I don’t know what is their reason but it has been something that has been in their heads from the time I got elected and was nominated to the position. They have burnt my figure in effigy, they call for me to be removed over and over again I don’t know what it is with them. I will tell you my own nature is to fight when I’m confronted with that kind of behaviour you want to get rid of me? Alright then you’re going to sweat to do it so that is my natural inclination but I am not an unreasonable man and I do not determine my position based on one issue so I have got to make sure that when I demit the scene the country of Belize is in good hands I’m not sure if I see anybody in the People’s United party whom I might want to continue to run the country. I’m not sure if I know anybody in the people’s United party who I think could do a better job then I am doing as foreign minister. Those are considerations that I have to bare in mind and of course there are lots of people who have supported me who want to see me continue so those things I’ve got to put in the balance.”

Reporter: And do you see anyone from the UDP doing a better or equal job to you in terms of the Foreign Affairs ministry ?

Wilfred Elrington, Foreign Minister:

“The UDP have good people I’m sure there will be people we could find but I haven’t been looking for that because I haven’t heard anybody in the udp express any interest to come into Pickstock or replace me as Foreign Minister. I haven’t heard of anybody with that ambition but I know there are people in the PUP who desperately want to see me out and who would want to take my position that might be one of the reasons. If I decide to stay and to contest that might be one of the reasons why I decide to stay and contest.”