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Elrington Stresses for Cooperation from Media and Citizenry

During the recently concluded Caricom Heads of Government meeting, Belize’s Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington delivered an address regarding the border dispute brought on by Guatemala against Belize.  He made several points regarding the support of the citizenry as the Government seeks a resolution.  The news in Guyana quoted him as saying that the local media must make sure that each citizen understands the importance of the issue while stressing that the support of the citizenry is critical since border disputes can become an existential issue.  He added that the responsibility of the media is tremendous in both Belize and Guyana; responsibility that is to be taken seriously with only the presentation of facts.  Minister Elrington’s address regarding the media’s role in the border dispute comes as no surprise as he has faulted the media in Belize in several instances for their news reports particularly on the Belize/Guatemala situation.