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Elvin Penner appears in Supreme Court

Former Minister of State, Elvin Penner appeared in court today after the Belmopan Supreme Court issued a bench warrant for him.  The warrant was issued yesterday when Penner failed to appear to court. 

Former Minister of State, Elvin Penner appeared in court today after the Belmopan Supreme Court issued a bench warrant for him.  The warrant was issued yesterday when Penner failed to appear to court.  Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with Penner who says he was surprised that the media would have given him this attention.

Elvin Penner, Former Minister of State: “Well first of all I would like to sound a warning or give a warning to all persons who have matters pending in the Supreme Court; to miss a court date is nothing to be taken lightly hence everybody has seen that yesterday that no matter who the person is, no matter who the person is to appear in court if the person doesn’t appear in court it can be as severe as issuing a bench warrant. Of course I had my personal reasons why I was not in court which I told to the judge and he ultimately believed those reasons and gave me a new court date but it was by no mean a willful missing of a court date it was just something that happened and hence was a bit of a stressful day to work with the Court Marshall and my attorney to make sure that I would be able to have my time today to explain to the magistrate why I was not there yesterday. But it was very interesting for me to see that again this might be history in the making again I have never seen a media attention as much as it is that I’ve gotten now by simply missing a court date so it appears to be that I must still be a very important person in the public.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: What was said to your lawyer in regards to answering on behalf of you ?

Elvin Penner, Former Minister of State: “Well my lawyer is not present today. I didn’t think it was necessary for him to come to explain for me what happened. I have the capacity to explain that myself and it’s up to the judge to then listen to me and make a decision. Like he told me he had three options either to just simply acknowledge the fact that I couldn’t come yesterday and give me a new court date, he could have called the person that bailed me out in the first place that paid for the bail or had signed for the bail to see if that person still wanted to continue being the bail person because if I would continue not showing up in court eventually that person might have to pay that sum of money – so that was one option to see if the person that bail me would like to withdraw and the third option would have been to keep me until my next court date but under the conditions, under the explanation that I gave the magistrate the judge he just simply give me a scolding on the fact that it was a very serious matter to have missed the date which I know it’s not something new to me but due to unforeseen circumstance I wasn’t here yesterday but having been able to be here today and explain to the magistrate why I wasn’t here the court date has now been adjourned to the thirteenth of October.”

Penner also spoke on how he has been compensating the family following the fatal road traffic incident.

Elvin Penner, Former Minister of State: “First of all I would not wish what happened to me on my worst enemy because anytime there is a life lost, although I can say that I don’t see how I would have avoided it under the circumstances that were presented when it happened the family knows that it was certainly something that happened and understand that it was an accident and therefore I have not had any difficulties with the family so far. I have some communication with the family especially the daughter of the deceased who is I guess by now probably the age of five or around five just about to graduate from preschool and go into primary school so I have committed to at least assist the deceased’s daughter as much as I can in terms of her education because I think that is the most important thing for a person to be able to get an education because then at least they have the tools to make something out of their own life especially in this case since the father is no longer around.”

Love News understands that the warrant is in connection with the fatal road traffic incident back in June 2017.  The incident occurred on the George Price Highway and claimed the life Kenrick Myvette.  Penner was reportedly heading to San Ignacio when he reportedly attempted to overtake another vehicle, subsequently colliding with Myvette’s motorbike.