Elwin “Bobo” Lewis Killed in Belize City

Elwin “Bobo” Lewis Killed in Belize City

It was a busy weekend for the Belize Police Department. Since Friday, three men were murdered, and three others hospitalized in six separate instances of gun violence. The first deadly shooting of the weekend played out on Antelope Street and claimed the life of forty-four-year-old Elwin “Bobo” Lewis. The Belize City resident had gone to conduct transactions in the area when he was ambushed. We join reporter Vejea Alvarez again for that story. 

Elwin “Bobo” Lewis, Victim: “Even the youths in the streets sometimes don’t see that you’re trying to save things. They think “you’re light or this or that.” I’ve been through those. When they’re fifteen and sixteen what they’re trying we’ve already gone through those and nobody really wants to teach them that this is death.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: He was once a key figure in the George Street Gang, but for the past years, Elwin “Bobo” Lewis has been working to keep youth in his community off the streets. Unfortunately, however, on Friday evening, Lewis became a victim of the gun violence he sought to end. Around 4:45, a lone gunman targeted Lewis as the forty-four-year-old was leaving a store on Antelope Street. Assistant Commissioner of Police Hilberto Romero says he was ambushed after going to the area to cash a check.

ASP Hilberto Romero, Officer Commanding Eastern Division: “Investigation revealed that Lewis was riding a motorcycle in front of Gwen Liz when he was approached by a male person who fired several shots towards his direction causing his fatal injuries. No one has been arrested and charged for this crime. Several persons are in custody and the investigation continues. He was there doing some transactions and when he was heading back he was targeted whilst he was on his motorcycle.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: “Bobo” was no stranger to the news and had been charged on several occasions in the past. However, in recent years, Lewis began working with the Leadership Intervention Unit and the Love Foundation. In 2021, he joined the Love Foundation’s Empowering Communities to Empower Themselves initiative and established a community hub in the George Street area.

Deborah Erskin, Managing Director, Love Foundation: “Bobo” as we affectionately call him and as he was known was one of the first people who came to the table with the Love Foundation when we decided to embark on the idea of empowering communities to empower themselves.”

Elwin “Bobo” Lewis, Victim: “Because we evolve from certain things and you know me myself I am a Rasta and I know discipline and different things. I don’t go for certain things. Although I ended up here and involved in certain things that was never my life you understand ? If you knew me sixteen or seventeen years ago you would have wondered how I ended up to be this person in all of this now but then like I told you because I am born and raised here and close to people that I couldn’t just watch them and I tried with them.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Managing Director of the Love Foundation, Deborah Erskine, says Lewis spent most of his time at the greenhouse on Plues Street working with at-risk youth and leading them to live a positive life.

Deborah Erskin, Managing Director, Love Foundation: “He had property up in Harmonyville so he would plant his seedlings on Plues Street and transplant them to Harmonyville. He also worked with the children in the community they would often come and he would teach them about plants and how to take care of them. He created his own concoction which was an environmentally friendly pesticide that he used and he was very proud of that. He kept it in a big drum and every time people came to visit he would talk to them about how he created this pesticide.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Police are yet to ascertain a motive for the callous murder but say that it may have been gang related. 

ASP Hilberto Romero, Officer Commanding Eastern Division: “It has been a while that we have not dealt with him for any crime so yes he was not a person that we had arrested recently for any crime.”

Reporter: So likely it was just his past catching up with him ? 

ASP Hilberto Romero, Officer Commanding Eastern Division: “Probably that is it. We have not ascertained a clear motive. All we know is that he was in that area and was targeted.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: While Lewis spent a major portion of his life walking on eggshells, Erskine says that in recent months, He began worrying less about and accepted that his death was inevitable. 

Deborah Erskin, Managing Director, Love Foundation: “I remember saying to him “Bobo you know that’s not friendly territory to you.” and he would say to me “Miss D those guys respect me and I respect them and I’m not about hate anymore and we have to create peace and love.” and he said that to me several times. So he felt very comfortable being in that area. He felt that had developed some type of camaraderie with the guys in the area and he also used to say to me “You know when my time comes, my time comes Miss D.” He was prepared.”
Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Police say they continue to brace for possible retaliation. Vejea Alvarez, Love News.

Police say that none of this weekend’s shootings were connected to Lewis’ murder.

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