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Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Launches Mandarin Classes

Taiwan Ambassador, David Kuan-Chou Chien was in Benque Viejo Del Carmen for the start of a Mandarin language program under the theme ‘Language & Culture – Uniting Our Nations, Uniting Our People’. The program got underway on June eleven with Professor Edward Yang imparting forty-minute lessons to thirty students including three of the ICDF Taiwan Scholarship recipients. Ambassador Chien spoke to Benque correspondent, Moises Martinez about the Taiwan Scholarship program.

David Kuan Chou Chien, Ambassador to Belize for the Republic of China Taiwan: “After their graduation they come back to Belize to contribute what they learned in Taiwan and really play an important role in national development of Belize and also is one of the main strengths to push Belize moving forward. So we encourage those who want to learn and those who are interested in learning Mandarin to apply for the scholarship offered by Taiwan’s Government. We are a very reliable and trustworthy ally of Belize we will spare no efforts. You know my embassy, the Embassy of Taiwan will spare no effort to further enhance the bilateral interaction between Taiwan and Belize.”

Reporter: Ambassador how many recipients this year for these scholarships ? 

David Kuan Chou Chien, Ambassador to Belize for the Republic of China Taiwan: “Thirty four Belizean students have already become recipients of Taiwan Scholarships in Belize.”

The ambassador added that to date over five hundred Belizean students have benefitted from these scholarships program.