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Emergency Ops Centre for Crooked Tree from Uncle Sam

On Wednesday, US Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Moreno, handed over an Emergency Operations Center to the Government of Belize. The state of the art facility is located in Crooked Tree Village. The facility will bring together key emergency response and disaster relief officials from NEMO, the Ministries of Labor, Health, and Education, the Belize Defense Force, the Belize Coast Guard, and other government representatives. It is expected that the operations center will enhance NEMO’s preparations prior to a storm, provide emergency response and shelter during a storm and ensure effective and efficient recovery following a storm or another type of catastrophic event. The construction of the facility was funded by US SOUTHCOM’s Humanitarian Assistance Program at a cost of approximately six hundred and eighty thousand US dollars and reaffirms the U.S. Government’s commitment to Belize.  Since 2006, the United States invested over ten point six million US dollars in long-term disaster assistance to the Government of Belize.