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Emerson Picart Found Guilty of Harassing Gay Activist

Emerson Picart, a resident of Zericote Street in Belize City charged with using indecent words to gay rights activist, Caleb Orozco and throwing missiles at him, was found guilty of both charges today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. He was fined one hundred dollars for each offence; if he defaults on payment, he will serve two months. Orozco, who is Picart’s neighbour, testified that in October last year while he was in his yard and was going to his mother for dinner, Picart threw a bottle at him. Picart testified and denied that he committed the offences. He said that he had just come of his house because he and his wife were having problems when Orozco made sexual advances at him. Although there were discrepancies about the date of the incident given by Orozco and the fact that the investigating officer, Police Constable Pott, did a shabby job of investigating the incident, Chief Magistrate Smith found Picart guilty.  She told Picart that Orozco had given a straight account of the incident and she believed his story.