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Emmy award-winning journalist in Belize

Kendis Gibson, an Emmy award-winning journalist and anchor for ABC World News in the USA,  is in Belize for a second time this year.  Earlier this year, in May, Gibson was first in Belize,  when he came with his mother on vacation. On his second trip, he is doing a bit more. Upon an invitation from the US Embassy, Gibson arrived in Belize on October 4 and has since been visiting and speaking with students in primary, secondary and tertiary level institutions, including the University of Belize. Today he stopped in at Saint John’s College Junior College to have a short chat with history students. Here’s how that visit went.


The US Embassy under its traveling speaker program has brought ABC News Anchor Kendis Gibson back to Belize.

But unlike his first visit with mom back in May, Gibson has been doing some work. Since his arrival on October fourth, he has been engaged and leading several workshops and public presentation on investigative journalism and ethical reporting. He’s also sharing his story in hopes to inspire some young Belizeans.


Kendis Gibson – Journalist

“It’s not sort of like a tour to say ‘look at what I’ve done.’ but more of a tour to say ‘look at where I came from and what I have done and hopefully you can do great things, not necessarily what I do but better things than I did.”


And the feedback has been “amazing” Gibson said as students have posted pictures and comments of their encounters on his various social media.