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Emmy winning British National Murdered

A well-known filmmaker who had made Belize his home since the 70’s has been found murdered. The senseless murder of Richard Foster started with a home invasion at mile 28 on the George Price Highway. He remained missing for hours but the trail continued west to Mahogany Heights and then to the Capital, Belmopan where his body was found. Love News followed the path of Foster’s kidnapping and murder.

Jose Sanchez: 63 year old Richard Foster and his wife Carol lived at the Savannah Guest House, near the Belize Zoo on the George Price Highway. Carol was in the US when Richard stopped answering his phone. On Tuesday morning, she called Glen McFadzean to check on him. He found a ransacked house, and quickly noted Foster and a Toyota pickup were missing. A nine millimeter pistol and a shotgun were also gone. Later that day, the pickup was found near a water reservoir in the Mahogany Heights Community. Blood inside the Toyota told a tale of violence that would be revealed hours later.  After eight, Tuesday night police found his body which was dumped in a deserted road near the river, deep in the Rivera area of Belmopan. A friend who lives in the south of Belize came for his postmortem examination. He said the Foster was beaten and stabbed.

Richard Fosters friend: As a close friend and family my condolences for your loss that you aren’t the morgue here. You’re the  closest to the next of Kin since Carol his wife isn’t here at the time.

Jose Sanchez: Have the doctor said anything about his passing. How it occurred; do we have any clues?I know it’s an ongoing investigation.

Richard Fosters Friend: I don’t really have much to share other than he was murdered, he was taken out of his home and murdered. There doesn’t seem to be any clues that I am aware of but they may have some.

Jose Sanchez: Have they said if he was shot or stab or how he passed away.

Richard Fosters Friend: He was stabbed and beaten.

Jose Sanchez: Is there any reason close to why this occurred? Did they come looking for money? Did they come looking just for weapons? I know it’s callus and foolish crime that was completely not needed for some who gave so much of his life for nature, for the country, for his craft.

Richard Fosters Friend: I think that is a question we are all wondering and we don’t have any answers too.

Jose Sanchez: Richard and his wife Carol had lived near the Belize zoo for many years. They had worked on documentaries for National Geographic Tv and also on BBC Films also made in Belize. They have won Emmys and the news of the murder of the British National has also reached the British High Commissioner Peter Hughes.

British High Commissioner Peter Hughes: The brutal murder of Richard Foster has come as massive shock to the many people in Belize who new him. This is a horrible crime; our hearts go out to his family; particularly his wife Carol at this incredibly difficult time. We had been in close contact with the Belizean authorities throughout this and will continue to do so but I cannot say any more because there is an ongoing investigation at this time.

Richard Fosters Friend: I think violence can’t be solved by the government. It comes from individuals and I think that. I don’t know why there is so much violent crime in Belize but i think it’s up to each every person to love the people that they are with and support each other and through compassion, understanding and tolerance I think people can get along better. I think a lot of violent crime is due to people losing hope in themselves, in the world and so it’s something we all have to work on. I wouldn’t expect the government to solve the problem but I am sure that they can help.

Jose Sanchez for Love News.



It is not clear when his wife Carol will return to Belize. The property is currently under the care of his friends at the Belize Zoo.