Employee of Leadership Intervention Unit Shot Near Home; Police Investigate

Employee of Leadership Intervention Unit Shot Near Home; Police Investigate

An employee of the Leadership Intervention Unit (LIU) was shot last night as he stood near his home on Nurse Findley Crescent.  31-year-old, Javon Abraham, was with another man when the shooters came by on a motorcycle and fired shots in the men’s direction.  Police were called out to the area just before nine o’clock last night.  Abraham was shot to the left arm.  According to his girlfriend, she was inside the house when she heard the gunshots.

Wife of Shooting Victim: “I was inside dealing with him and stuff.”

Reporter: With the baby  ?And then you heard 

Wife of Shooting Victim: “Yeah I heard the shooting so I just came out of my gate because I know he had just gone down the street to talk to a young man to fix the vehicle we got so he went to try and talk to the young man and then when the thing happened. Well this happened so quick and then like everything just flashed right back from what happened to my son so I just stopped right at the gate because I already heard the cycle coming so I said I didn’t want to run out on the street and then I go see one of their faces and I make eye contact with them and they know that I saw them and they turn back to try to shoot at me. So I just stood up at my gate until they passed then I ran out and then I went up the street but he had already gone to the hospital already. We just couldn’t find him and then when I looked he called me and he said he was already on the way to the hospital. Only thing you could have seen was the person on the back had on a black shirt and the helmet that they had on was like one of those ninja bike helmets that covered the whole face but it was only the eye you could have seen. And I didn’t see their faces because they had already flown past already to the point that I could only see their back so I only saw the person at the back I could only catch the color of the shirt and the black helmet that he had one because it was a black helmet. He didn’t even leave home not even a good five minutes because he was here. He was at home because he went and got food for us, he went to get food on his cycle and he came back and because the young man was at the lane that he wanted to talk to about the vehicle that is what made him go back down the street because he wasn’t going back down the street because like I told you he doesn’t hang at the lane. So when we went down not even a good five minutes when he reached around the street talking to the young man and then he said that the thing happened. Like I said I don’t know. I can’t say if he was the intended target or not. Maybe if he was at home a little bit longer it would have still happened. Well I don’t really – to be honest he doesn’t really hang out at the lane so I won’t really say it’s him but at the end of the day we don’t really know who they came for so I won’t say it’s not him, I won’t say it’s him so I will just leave it just like that. I don’t really know what went on and all I can say is that thank God it was not worse, that’s all I can say.”

Love News understands that this is not the wife’s first encounter with gun violence, as back in 2018, on the very same street, she had lost her 4-year-old son to gun violence.

Wife of Shooting Victim: “It’s just like everything happened because it was like the same thing that happened with him. When my son got shot he was out here fixing vehicle, they were fixing vehicles out here him and his father were fixing vehicles and then they came but this actually we got to find out it was not here that they wanted. The person that they came for doesn’t live here but the young man would normally come by here to hang. So I guess they must have felt like it was here that he lived and when they saw my brother in law coming out they fired shots but because the person that was driving the vehicle lifted the glass same time so the person with the gun his hand got jammed in the window and he let go two shots but one of the shots caught my brother in law in his side and my son was coming out at the same time and bullet ricocheted off the vehicle just like how this vehicle was on the bridge he was coming outside and the bullet ricocheted and hit him right in the back of his head. So when that happened I heard the shooting so I was inside planning a birthday party for him because he would have turned five in June and I said well since he will turn five like it’s a milestone I’ll do a big party for him. So I was there planning, getting little ideas and I heard the shots but I thought it was around the lane because it sounded so close. I said “my God.” but he had just left out of the house with my daughter and I said let me run outside. The same time I ran out side I stopped right at the gate because the far flew right past me again. So like I always come out just in time to see either the car or like last night I came out just in time to see the guys pass and that night I came out just in time to see the car pass to know it was  like three people in the car because that light was on so because the car glass was and the light flashed straight through the car you could have seen the silhouette of their head so I could have known how many people were in the car but I just couldn’t see or identify the persons in the car. So I said it’s like everything happened that time there and it just made my whole body get numb again and like it took me back to the same thing again. So it was just kind of frightening but I just couldn’t cry because I was just in shock, I was just numb already and I was just worrying about him because I said I know he normally doesn’t go to the lane.”

Abraham has since been released from the hospital./////

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