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Employment can nip crime in the bud

According to the Statistical Institute of Belize, the unemployment rate has increased from nine percent to nine point four percent. This is a cause for concern.  Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, said that there is a need to increase the main services to create more jobs.

John Bricenio Leader of the Opposition: “ We believe that we have have to be able address  the three main issues: the issue of Agriculture, Tourism and services. With agriculture again we have already the Honorable Abelardo Mai who is putting up a team together to look at the issue to how we are going to deal with the the culture. Two prong approach: We have the small farmers that we need to be able to find ways how we can provide the technical assistance and access to the local markets so that they can stay in their communities and don’t come into the towns or to the cities because trying to find a job that is what creates crime, that creates unemployment and creates more poverty and then for the big investments for those that can come in and make the proper investments that can export products into CARICOM markets, United States, to Mexico and so forth and then when it comes to the issue of Tourism. Whilst it has been growing we are starting to see something that is kind of bothering me that I start to feel that the Tourism Industry is more being run and controlled by foreigners and we have to find a way to change that. How is that we can get Belizean’s to do small bed and breakfast or tour operators and find other opportunities for them as opposed to just being the waiters and the cleaners of the rooms and the gardeners and so forth; we need to do more than that.”

Briceno added that there are sufficient resources in the country; however, he said that the government lacks the vision to create more jobs.