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Agriculture & Farming

“Empowering communities, Conserving biodiversity, Connecting the World”

The Forest is essential to the ecosystem since it creates balance for the climate, control the water cycle and provides habitat to thousands of life forms. Earlier this month, Ya’axche Conservation Trust hosted it annual summer camp where it shared with fifty campers ranging from 9 to 14 years, the essential role the forest play to our existence. Julio Chub, the Community Liaison Officer at Ya’axche, said that the youths learned how they can contribute to the preservation of the forest.

Julio Chub, Community Liason Officer: “We know that Belize still has a forest cover of over 50% compared to Central American countries and we want to maintain it that way through the education and awareness of the younger generation. We also focus on visiting agroforestry farms where these farms contribute to the protection of forests in Belize as well. Not only the protection of forest but also the livelihoods of our farmers within these communities. In the second week, we were also able to focus on visiting small business development within the communities.”

The youths shared how the camp impacted them.

Mauricio Ah, Camper from San Antonio

Mauricio Ah, Camper from San Antonio: “At Ya’axche summer camp I learned the benefits that the forests give us.”

Krystle Romero, Camper from San Pedro Columbia

Krystle Romero, Camper from San Pedro Columbia: “The Inga Alley practically stood out the most to us because they were rebuilding the soil with nitrogen and other microorganisms into the soil and I think that’s a very important factor for nature.”

 Ya’axche also held a camp for persons ranging from age sixteen to thirty which focused on entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihoods that assist in forest conservation. This year’s summer camp was held under the theme “Empowering communities, Conserving biodiversity, Connecting the world”. 

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