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Empowering Women Through self-defense


The Ahmadiyya Women Association, will be conducting a women empowerment through self-defense programme on October 15. The five week training workshop will engage women in learning the basics of self-defense.

The Ahmadiyya Women Association, will be conducting a women empowerment through self-defense programme on October 15. The five week training workshop will engage women in learning the basics of self-defense. The workshop will be held every Friday at the Gateway Centre from 6pm to 7:30pm. According to Shamira Humes, President of the Ahmadiyya Women Association, recent events where females in society were attacked are what sparked this initiative.

Shamira Humes, President , Women Association at Ahmadiyya: “There are several incidents thaht have happeend over htep past few months and I mean it has been happening over time but the two incidents that really struck home for us was one earlier this year or late last year where the young lady in PG was murdered and then the person that murdered her then committed suicide, she was actually a family member of one of the members of our community here and the straw that broke the camel’s back for us was Adamir when her body was found. A lot of times when people become victims of domestic violence or any type of violence per se they don’t know the fundamentals of self defense not always the case but I mean prevention is better than cure. That would be the theory part of it where it teaches them self awareness and self empowerment, self confidence, the physical aspect of the workshop will include bare hand and bare feet self defense and the second part of the physical portion of the workshop will include self defense with weapons. So it’s a very detailed workshop, it’s a workshop that Ms.Renee has been doing for a while now but we also decided to provide this workshop to the general so that as much people as possible can have access to it. It’s the first time that the Belize Ahmadiyya Jamat has done this so it’s something that we feel like we want to continue doing as well we have developed other programs that we intend to bring to our community in 2020, one of which is the same self defense and self empowerment but to children because women are not the only people in our country that are being targeted and they are not the only people that are being molested and when I say molested it’s not only necessarily physical or seual but also verbally- you know there are children that are coming home from school that are being harassed by other people, by men and women and so we intend to extend this to children for next year.”

If anyone is interested in joining the workshops there will be applications on the Ahmadiyya website where people can apply. Participants are asked to pay an entry fee of $20.

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