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EMT dies in traffic accident

An emergency medical technician (EMT) for the Southern Emergency Services lost his life early this morning in a road traffic incident.  26-year-old, Khalil Reyes was driving an ambulance and was on-call along with 32-year-old, Herson Chavez when the incident occurred between miles ten and eleven on the Southern Highway.  Hopkins police responded to the scene and found the ambulance in a ditch off the road and also came upon Reyes’ motionless body, bearing severe injuries, including a severed right foot.  Police blotter indicates that the two men had come off shift at around eight o’clock last night and had gone out socializing and were consuming alcohol at Maya Centre Village.  At around eleven o’clock Chavez asked Reyes to take him to Silk Grass Village.  On the way to Silk Grass, Chavez reportedly fell asleep and was only awoken at the feel of cold water; that was when the ambulance went into the ditch.  Chavez escaped unhurt.  Our Stann Creek Correspondent, Harry Arzu, has been following this story and had spoken to one of the directors of Southern Emergency Services, Albert Smith.  Smith says they were only made aware of the incident after five o’clock this morning and that the guys were on-call and had taken the ambulance out without authorization.  The ambulance was extensively damage.////////