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Energy Sector Works at Climate Resilience via World Bank Grant

The World Bank has approved an eight million US dollar grant from the Global Environmental Facility to assist Belize to strengthen the climate resilience of its energy sector. Among the results to be achieved by the Energy Resilience for Climate Adaptation Project in Belize are: improved capacity for long-term energy planning, taking into account the impact of climate change; better monitoring of weather and localized impacts of climate change through the installation of meteorological and hydro-meteorological stations across the country; enhanced electricity supply security despite weather events, by strengthening the transmission network and reducing the likelihood of service disruptions; improved preparedness through the design and implementation of an Emergency Response and Recovery Plan for the power sector and revitalized communication network of the power company, ensuring better command and control coordination during response and recovery operations. Sophie Sirtaine, World Bank Country Director for the Caribbean is quoted as saying “Building climate resilience is a key priority for Belize. This project aims to support the government’s continued efforts to make energy and power systems better prepared and more resilient to storms, hurricanes and natural hazards.” The project will also include three point nine million US dollars counterpart financing from the Government of Belize and the Belize Electricity Limited.