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Engineer shares specifics of Fabers Road Project

Leader of the Opposition John Briceno wrote to Prime Minister Dean Barrow on October 17 demanding that the Government immediately cease the pursuant of the Faber’s Road Reconstruction Contract awarded to Imer Hernandez. The People’s United Party is also demanding that any disbursement with regards to the contract be halted until a comprehensive assessment of the contract can be done. In his letter, Briceno points out that quote “in 2016 Cisco Construction was awarded a contract for major works on three point five miles of the Phillip Goldson Highway at less than four million dollars per mile. It is an unconscionable waste of scarce government resources to seek to pay double the real cost for far less work on the reconstruction of Faber’s Road.” End of quote.  Yesterday, Evondale Moody, Chartered Engineer who works at the Ministry of Works as a Consultant, gave a lengthy explanation, detailing the cost of the project.

Evondale Moody – Chartered Engineer

“For the construction of the Fabers Road roundabout and the Chetumal Street roundabout which I designed as well. Same drain the rate at that time was $900 per meter; same standard, same specification. If you look at those three rates, the rate from Imer Hernandez development company is comparable. Can we see that? Any contractor that you get has to carry out a process to develop the rate whether it’s $900 or $1282 or $1091. Then the tractor comes in and excavates, he has to use an excavator that is a cost. An excavator right now runs I would say maybe $200 per hour- a good one; so you have to use that cost based on a cubic meter of excavated material. In this drain we are using half inch steel both directions that is 200mm spacing that is eight inches spacing both direction- that is a cost. Cement as the Prime Minister mentioned before the cost of these things have gone up. It used to be $12 per sac it’s about $20-$22 now. Steel maybe about $5,000 per ton so that is a cost. The concrete is a cost, steel is a cost. After he has constructed the base of the drain he comes in with his block layers and he starts laying blocks. You could see that exact process being done by CISCO on the Phillip Goldson Highway. So you come up with your blocks, all these blocks I have a solid line here that is representing a reinforcement bar, coming from out of your base into the block work. Each block as we should all know has two holes, the design calls for steel to be placed in those two holes so every hole of every block has a reinforcement bar. Now you might ask my why? Because 21 years ago when I was working with HALCO Group Limited, a UK based firm doing the BCIP, we did the Belize City Streets and the steel works were at every other block. This is just the drain we haven’t started with the reinforced concrete pavement as yet.”

The People’s United Party is demanding the full and complete disclosure of the contract and all documents related to the contract awarded to Hernandez.