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Entrecon 2017: Inspiring Entrepreneurs

BELTRAIDE and the Small Business Development Centre are inspiring, molding, and shaping young entrepreneurs of Belize.  In this regard, today they are hosting their third annual entrepreneurship convention, Entrecon, which closes off their entrepreneurship month. The event is being held at the Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza and the platinum sponsor is Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). Love News spoke with the Public Relations Manager of BEL, Vonetta Burrell.

Vonetta Burrell – Public Relations Manager

“Yes B.E.L. decided to be the Platinum sponsor of Beltraide’s Entrecon. This is their third year; it’s the first year that we are supporting as a sponsor. We found it as an opportune time to showcase our support of the productive sector. By supporting this conference that is geared towards empowering and educating and facilitating the development of small businesses in Belize.”

This year’s theme for Entrecon is “Connecting Ideas and Creating Opportunities”. Love News spoke with the General Manager of BELTRAIDE, Lejia Melanie Gideon.

Lejia Melanie Gideon – General Manager

“This is our signature event as an organization; it is also the event that closes off our entrepreneurship month which is November and this is global. Countries celebrate, promote, showcase entrepreneurship in their country and Belize has been doing it for the last four years.”

“This event is about bringing the eco-system together. UB is here, Galen is here, the public utilities are here, other government entities, CITO, our government I.T. section, different ministry departments, the private sector, students and when I say private sector entrepreneurs I think I have an idea to an established business. So the full gambit of the ecosystem is in the one room. We have one hundred fifty people today and it’s all about how do we celebrate entrepreneurship. The theme about like I said connecting ideas. It’s about how do we access finance, that is one of the themes today. The other theme is Ecosystem, what can we do better because that’s life we can all do better. In the case of Belize we are juvenile when it comes to entrepreneurship so how can we systematically be better at promoting, supporting, celebrating growing entrepreneurship.”


Gideon said that today’s Entrecon is geared towards helping young entrepreneurs take their idea and bring it to life by making the right connection with entities that can help them grow their business.