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ENTRECON is an annual event where stakeholders from across the country in the entrepreneurial community merge and share ideas about how to develop and innovate Belize’s business culture. It’s being hosted by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Monique Usher, the Acting Manager for the SBDC Belize explained what participants would receive from their interaction at the event.

Monique Usher, the Acting Manager for the SBDC: “The event looks at creating a platform for business owners to share ideas, to connect and network with like minded individuals like themselves. The event also have two international speakers, we also have Dr. Kent Weisinger and he is our keynote speaker at the event and we also have Mr. Gregory Burge and he is a Wealth Advisor and the event looks at connecting and creating that platform for persons to share business ideas and also to highlight some the business opportunities in Belize, we have the convention that takes place in Belize and the convention looks at the panel discussion that takes place at the international speaker’s addressing the audience, sharing with them trends, ways of doing business, we also have business exposition that runs parallel to the event and that event has sponsors showcasing their products and services likewise with clients of SPDC who are showcasing their products and services. We also have a Hackathon and the Hackathon was a part of the National Entrepreneurship month and we had Tertiary level and High School students come up with a solution for the Healthcare Industry and so today we will have the announcement of the winners of the Hackathon and at the end of the day we have a business mixer and that looks at providing an opportunity for persons to network and to look at connecting and creating synergies for their business.”