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Entrepreneurs receive tips on how to build their businesses

Entrepreneurship is no easy task to undertake. It takes courage, skill, and lots of resources for one to venture on their own and create a new business. Every business starts small, and every opportunity is a chance to learn how to better oneself. The US Embassy, in collaboration with BELTRAIDE and Impact Junkie, held a session for entrepreneurs today. The Co-Founder of Impact Junkie, Philip Harding, gave us some tips that every entrepreneur could use.

Philip Harding – Co-Founder, Impact Junkie: “We are looking for people who are thinking big in Belize, people who are excited about making an impact in the country and who maybe are a little bit crazy and think that we can change the world. We hear people saying “Belize is small but has a big impact” and we want to be apart of that so we want to meet people that are thinking big, dreaming big, bringing sustainable solutions, stirrup entrepreneurship and investment in the country. We want to partner with you and we want to help so we that is why we are doing this event here today. How to dream bigger? Think bigger? How to understand the problem that you are trying to solve and the impact that you are trying to create and really being driven by the problem, not just the solution. We are working through that actually right now and people are inside working on empathy, understanding customers and understanding what problem it is that they are trying to solve so often we want to jump into a solution. I have this perfect thing that is going to solve the problem but they don’t understand who they are trying to help, what? or why? they are trying to solve that problem and so being driven by hey there is a problem whether it is health or access to financing or whatever it is in Belize that I am fired up about. How do we take that, understand that passion and then turn that into something that we can start quickly, cheaply and create it in a way that is going to allow it to scale? To be a successful business person, Why do you have a business? Is your business solving big problems? Are you focused on a big need that is creating value in lives, that is what you need to be focused on.”

We also spoke to two participants of the session, who told us why they decided to take part and how it could benefit them as business owners.

Yvette Mazariegos – M&M Distributors, Belize National Paper Converters: “I participated because I am representing the U.S. Embassy as the President of the Alumni Association so we tend to have Alumni’s who go off into other courses and other projects so when I went to the Global Entrepreneur Summit for Women in Nairobi, Kenya it was for empowerment of women entrepreneurs. I am also a woman entrepreneur with two businesses so I think it is very good to come to workshops like this because it keeps you current and updated because you always learn something new. There is always room for learning in the marketplace.”

Kyle Zuniga – BK Creative: “Because of how Dr. Philip has social impact and he works with entrepreneurs I felt that it was important for us to attend to find out different ways how we can help entrepreneurs such as myself, such as Mervin and such as the different people who are here today to expand their business outside of Belize. That is exactly what we are trying to figure out as we are going along here at the workshop. I have been able to drum up clients, drum up business and keep moving forward, not only that but I adapt as I go along. Any new opportunity arises or any new change that comes with social media I jump on it to keep my business afloat.”

The session started at 9am and ended at 4:30pm./////