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EQUIP trained teachers to better deliver

The Ministry of Education through its Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP) held a workshop which had the participation of teachers from Corozal Junior College, Belize Adventist Junior College, the University of Belize and St. John’s College Junior College.  The workshop looked at how to effectively teach Mathematics, Science and Language Arts. Love News spoke with Jeannie Garbutt-Franklin, the Director of Teachers Education and Development Services at the Ministry of Education. Franklin  said that the Ministry is working closely with educators at the different institutions.

Jeannie Garbutt Franklin Director Teacher Education & Development Services: The sessions today have been designed to ensure that all teacher educators are aware of and have an overview; get an overview of the programs that we have been doing over the past three years with the teacher education institutions. As part of the Ministry’s effort to strengthen the teaching of Math, Science and Language Arts we will be working closely with Mount St. Vincent University. As you are aware the pedagogical content knowledge that teachers have and that they are developed in training is very crucial to the student learning what happens after training and so the Ministry has been working on using a very effective I believe multi faceted approach to addressing weaknesses in Math, Science and Language Arts.

Alan Dawe, the Program Manager of the EQUIP also spoke about the program.

Alan Dawson, Program Manager Education Quality Improvement Program: So the idea is that as we work with teachers then those teachers are out in schools and the young new teachers who are coming from the Jr. Colleges are getting the same message, the same strategies, the same foundations that we are using in our program. So we are aligning all of our messages making sure that everyone is on the same page and teachers have a solid understanding of content standards and outcomes and helping them transition to students centered learning.

EQUIP has been in existence since 2015 and sixteen thousand teachers have benefited from the program.