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Ernesto Caliz charged with Theft

Forty-one year old Ernesto Caliz, a construction worker of the San Pedrito Area of San Pedro Town, was charged with theft and escape from lawful custody when he appeared today before Acting Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser. He pled not guilty to the charges. He was denied bail and was remanded into custody until August 22, because he was unable to pay court fines for which payment is outstanding. The theft occurred on August 11 in San Pedro Town. The allegation is that Caliz stole a female beach cruiser, valued at $355 that is the property of Leroy Nunez. Caliz said that Nunez was one of the shooters who were involved in a shooting incident and he ran and left his bicycle. Caliz, who said he was beaten by the police, was taken to San Pedro clinic where he escaped. He was captured shortly afterwards. Caliz said he did not escape. He said he just went to the bathroom.